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A Commitment to The Environment

Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV? All of HostRoman’s servers are 100% wind powered! What does that mean to you and your site? It means that the web portion of your business, e.g., website & email hosting, are all 100% sustainable for future generations. You can rest assured that your digital business is not just neutral in its environmental impact, but actually improving the environment.

In addition to our wind powered initiative, over 13 years ago, we partnered with the Beaver Brook Nursery to plant one tree per year in the names of all of our hosting clients. We have planted tens of thousands of trees over the years and our clients feel great about that.

This environmental approach was inspired by our CEO’s father, Stephen J. Roman, Sr.’s legacy as an environmentalist. Growing up in a household where the environment took such a priority instilled a desire to improve the environment through our business. To view more about Stephen Roman, Sr.’s environmental efforts, please click here.