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What is SEO Hosting?

SEO Hosting is specifically engineered to follow all the guidelines for optimal domain name search rank. This includes, fast, blazing fast solid-state hard drive servers, Industry leading secure socket layers (SSLs), and high integrity IP addresses. This all leads to a lightning fast, front-end web application hosting environment that logarithmically increases your search rank. Without the foundation of SEO web hosting, you can do all the right SEO work, but not see your full rank potential because one or two variables are off. Please, experience the difference of 100% reliable email and hosting. If you are not simply blown away with the peace-of-mind that our precision web hosting brings you, we will give you a 90-day, unconditional money back guarantee!
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    Excellence in Web Hosting

    HostRoman was founded in 2007 and has grown into a leader in website hosting. What started as a solution to consolidating hosting clients, transformed into a global leader in private, reliable search engine optimization hosting.

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    Wind Powered

    HostRoman makes the commitment to 100% Wind Powered Energy to fuel it’s servers. In addition, HostRoman plants one tree per year in the name of all of it’s hosting clients. Up to now, HostRoman has planted tens of thousands of trees in the names of it’s clients.

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    Focused on WordPress Hosting

    In 2011, HostRoman focused exclusively on WordPress website hosting. WordPress went from a blogging software to a full featured content management system. HostRoman saw the opportunity to bring the features of WordPress and the reliability of managed WordPress hosting to it’s clients.

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    SEO Learning Curve

    The team at Roman Media and HostRoman worked for years through trial and error in developing their industry-leading search engine optimization practices. They went through every Google algorithm change, every rule change and have virtually seen it all. All of this learning went into engineering the current 100% reliable, private and lightning fast SEO hosting service offerings.

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    Migration to the Best

    In 2018, HostRoman made the commitment to 100% reliable, private email hosting AND to the absolute best in front-end-WordPress-hosting. This entailed moving ALL email from cPanel email, to a 100% reliable, private email solution with MASSIVE inboxes; putting ALL WordPress sites on the simply fastest servers that exist; and making sure ALL websites have best-in-class SSLs (secure socket layers).  This major migration positioned HostRoman as the premier SEO website hosting company.

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    Hosting with an ROI

    On the foundation of our new servers, SSLs and MASSIVE inboxes, we have built the best practices in search engine optimization. Our hosting business does not merely just have 100% reliable email and blazing fast, secure hosting speeds, our hosting ACTUALLY MAKES YOU MONEY!! Our hosting hits every variable possible to fully maximize your search engine rank and does! Contact us to learn how.

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