Manually Archive Outlook Messages

Steps on how to manually archive messages
on your Outlook email client

By default, Outlook is set up to archive messages to a file named archive.pst. You can specify another location for your archive files as well as specify more descriptive filenames.
  1. Click File

  2. Click Info

  3. Click Cleanup Tools

  4. Check "Archive all folders and all subfolders.

    Archiving Outlook Messages 1
  5. Click the folder you want to archive.

    Archiving Outlook Messages 1
  6. Choose a cut off date on how long the items are EX: older than 3 months.

  7. Browser: Location on where you want to save it, The default location should be /outlook files/archive/(whatever your email is)

  8. Click Ok, Older than 3 months.(if you picked around that time)

Automatic Archiving Outlook Messages
(Preferred, so you don't have to think about it)

  1. Click File then Options

    Archiving Outlook Messages 1
  2. Click Advanced

  3. Click Auto Archive Settings

    Archiving Outlook Messages 1
  4. Click to select Auto Archive Every ___ days ( 14 days )

  5. In the Default archive file box, Label your file Ex: Email Account Archive 1 or whatever you would perfer.
    Please modify this window with which settings best fit you.(Not sure? Ask us)

    Archiving Outlook Messages 1
  6. Then Click Ok, two times.

    Your done :)