Archive Messages on Mac Mail

Steps on how to Automatic Archiving Mac Mail messages

  1. Click Top Mailbox Label > New Mailbox > Location: On My Mac
    Name: Archive Emails (Put the date)

  2. Click Ok.

  3. Click the top Mail Label > Go to Preferences > Click Rules > Add Rule

    Description: Archiving Mail Rule

  4. Please copy what I have below:
    The ( ) are for the Drop downs.

  5. If (any) of the following conditions are met:
    (Date received) (Is greater than) (14) days

  6. Perform the following actions:
    (Move Message) to mailbox (Archive Email date) folder you just created.

  7. Click Ok

  8. Ensure that rule is checked and the changes are saved. Now all emails after 14 days (whenever you set on how many days) will be saved locally on your computer automatically, and no longer on are server.